Dixon shakes off the fact that size matters

So, ‘sex toys do not have to be phallic’, according to co-founder of luxury sex brand Myla Charlotte Semler (News Analysis, DW 12 July).

How might a non-phallic vibrator look, then? Rectangular? Starfish-shaped? Apple Mac-shaped? Pushing the boundaries of vibrator design is one thing; pushing the boundaries of the female form is quite different.

Habitat head of design Tom Dixon, who is creating two models for Myla, enlightens us: ‘Research shows that many women find vibrators quite ugly and do not use them penetratively, so it is quite easy to design something different and fresh. Coupled with average packaging and cheap mechanisms, they can look pretty shabby.’

And the vibrators themselves? ‘I’m designing a big one and a small one,’ he says. Watch this space.

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