Outside The Box adds a sweet topping to JoJos

Outside The Box has created the branding and packaging for a new type of confectionery, backed by a £1m development budget, which goes on shelf this week.

JoJos, manufactured by Cadbury Schweppes division Monkhill, is a range of miniature confectionery designed to be sprinkled on ice cream and other desserts. Monkhill handed the consultancy a £1m project, £250 000 of which was spent on design. Outside The Box won the project without a pitch.

Monkhill is also working on further new products, one of which will be launched next spring. It declines to divulge further details.

JoJos is designed to appeal to children aged between eight and 12 years’ old.

The product is available in six variants, each of which is fronted by a brand character, such as Mini Billy Blues and Mini Dainty Dollies, which front bite-size strawberry-flavoured blue gums and miniature dolly mixtures respectively. Other products in the range are chocolate-coated honeycomb pieces, fizzy fruit gums, mini jelly beans and milk chocolate covered raspberry creams.

Monkhill managing director Graham Mosey says, “Outside The Box’s creative team provided us with an overall brand look that not only looked fresh, new and exciting, [it] has also created a whole brand personality.”

An Outside The Box spokeswoman says that the creative team had a great deal of fun coming up with the characters. “It was like regressing back to our childhoods,” she adds.

The group has been involved with the product’s development since its initial inception four months ago. The project was led by creative director Stefan Field.

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