Shoddiness just harms reputation of industry

I am writing in response to the club 18-30 article featured in your news section (DW 5 July). It’s no wonder that the design industry is treated in the way it is by some clients, when design groups are prepared to work in such a shoddy way.

Not only was Bobbett Design clearly quite proud of the fact that it pitched for free for this piece of work, but it also seems to be quite happy to use the format that another of the competitors submitted.

It seems that Bobbett Design, the “winning” consultancy, is aptly named for a group which is quite clearly prepared to emasculate the design process, and the work of those of us who are prepared to think before we submit pen to paper, and who draw the line at free-pitching.

David Lightman

Client director

Coley Porter Bell

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