Fanzine fest

Forget glossy consumer magazines and newsstand titles – the true cutting edge can be found in the weird and wonderful world of indie publishing. Yolanda Zappaterra catches the vibe of

Tate Modern visitor

Guided by voices

In this age of ever more elaborate multimedia exhibitions, how do you strike the right balance between offering an in-depth museum experience and avoiding information overkill? Scott Billings looks at

Elena Inga

Genuine gaze

What makes a student project stand out from the crowd? A lot of work done on degree courses in photography threads the same well-worn paths, but there are some happy


The Partners dials up rebrand for O2 lifesaver

The Partners has created a brand identity for Airwave, the former division of the O2 telephone network relaunching this week.Australian investment group Macquarie bought the business-to-business secure communications network from

David Batchelor

Royal variety show

Edinburgh may be famous for its castle and performing arts festival, mixing royal glamour with the last word in bad-taste repartee, but now it’s making its case as a major

A studio with many centres

A ‘global studio’ is much more than just a network of studios in different cities. It is dependent on a truly flexible structure, says Stephan Reinke

Spa room

Profile: Teresa Sapey

Designer and architect Teresa Sapey lives up to expectations – successful in Spain and born in Italy, she glories in ‘craziness’ and ‘sexing up’. Clare Dowdy thinks London should watch

David Worthington

Too little awareness of management courses

The Design Council’s June eBulletin refers to the Design Industry Skills Development Plan. In the Parliamentary preview, David Worthington – deputy chairman of the Design Skills Advisory Panel – says

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