Give your opinion to the CSD at its AGM

I was disappointed to read of Nick Jenkins’ resignation from the CSD, and also that the CSD was pulling out of the on-going review of design industry representation.

Nick has been an active member of Council going back to the 1980s, when I was a vice-president, and deserves all the support in his attempts to unify the various factions so that the design industry can speak with one voice.

The CSD withdrawal from the review will leave us out in the cold, and is exactly the same sort of mentality applied by the last government to Europe, isolating us from our partners there and leaving us without credibility.

The forthcoming AGM of the CSD is a perfect opportunity to ensure that our voice is heard, and that the Council reviews its links with the review and is represented before it is too late.

John S Sermon

John Sermon and Associates

Bicester OX6 9HD

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