SomeOne cooks up Banger Bros identity

London deli specialist Banger Brothers will this week unveil a radical brand overhaul led by consultancy SomeOne, ahead of major expansion.Banger Brothers, self-billed as ‘purveyors of exceptional sausages from around the world – to go’, is poised to open outlets in Selfridges’ food hall and Euston station in London, as well as attending a host […]

Design Skills Alliance appoints Turquoise

The UK Design Skills Alliance has appointed Turquoise to develop its brand in a bid to attract much-needed funding.The Design Skills Alliance is a body formed as a collaboration between the Design Council and Creative & Cultural Skills. Over three years it is seeking £5m to secure the delivery of initiatives set out in its […]

Richard Williams on tendering for 2012

With the London 2012 Olympics set to put British design in the limelight, why have procurement officers blown this golden opportunity with nit-picking technicalities? Go back to 1972, says Richard Williams, and you’ll see how things should have been done

Bricks and clicks

Take 90 architects and designers, give them hand-held digital cameras, and send them off to Cologne and Porto, Stockholm, Valencia and Bregenz to photograph the architecture. Next select the best 30 images, and the result is an exhibition that reveals as much about architectural photography as it does about architecture. The architectural and interior design […]

Half-measures won’t cut it

How practical is it to go down the Green route? With more companies wanting to go that extra environmental mile, is it easy to design and implement sustainable display solutions?


Born and educated in Paris, Cyril Duval has made his home in Tokyo, where the culture informs his witty riffs on art and retail design. John Stones talks to the media savvy artist with a penchant for self-promotionImagine Austin Powers pretending to be Philippe Starck, art directed by Marcel Duchamp and scripted by Oscar Wilde, […]

Calling all Michael Peters alumni – please get in touch

I am looking to complete the family tree of Michael Peters & Partners, Michael Peters Group and Identica for my forthcoming book, and I am wondering if any of my colleagues from those days, with whom I have lost touch, could e-mail their whereabouts, what

The hardest briefs involve make-belief and rocket science

In response to your Voxpop regarding the biggest creative obstacle on a project (DW 12 June), I received a call from Will Whitehorn at the Virgin Group a couple of years ago. ‘Hi, it’s me – we’re going to launch a rocket service. Can you help?’ Taking a deep breath I said ‘sure’, not really […]

Putting bums on seats – there is no higher calling

Great to see an article in Design Week about textiles for train seating. The patterns are seemingly banal, but yet thought does go into them and they have a huge audience. Could they be an undiscovered vein of visual culture? My graphic designer gene has always been drawn to these patterns – so please feel […]

Don’t worry, Gregor and Callum are still the best of friends

In response to the industry rumours currently being spread by certain well-known members of the retail design fraternity, I enclose a recent photograph which wholly and categorically contradicts the malicious gossip that Mr Gregor Jackson and Mr Callum Lumsden have fallen out in any way. The photographer responsible for this image – and for images […]

A hard lesson to learn

Passing on the wisdom gained during a successful career is rewarding, but can you really convey the spark of creativity? Jim Davies doesn’t think so There comes a point in any professional’scareer where he or she is expected to guide others rather than getting stuck in themselves. You may have once set the world alight […]

Sustainability made sexy

Green vehicles don’t have to be small and boring. Emma Germain checks out some top-end sports cars with environmental credentialsNext month’s British International Motor Show at Excel in London will have its own ‘village’ dedicated to electric cars, where it will be showcasing designs such as Nice Megas and Teslas. However, last week’s Motorexpo show […]

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