Inspired: Ralph Ardill, The Brand Experience Consultancy

Every now and then, a creative adventure comes along that pushes you way beyond your comfort zone to be part of something that’s truly inspirational.

One such creative adventure is the new Science Gallery at Trinity College in Dublin, where I’m the consultant brand director and helping to orchestrate the overall business, brand, creative and experiential strategy of this extraordinary place.

The Science Gallery opened its doors on 1 February this year and is a world first. A new type of venue dedicated to firing up young adults with a passion for science, technology and engineering, and where today’s white-hot scientific issues are thrashed out with policy-makers, innovators, technologists, artists, media and the public.

It has already become a vibrant new social space in the heart of Dublin, through a programme of challenging and controversial festivals including Lightwave, Pills and our current show Technothreads, which explores the art and science of future fashion.

It’s a place all about discovery in its widest sense, not just about what the Science Gallery can show you but what you can show the world with the Science Gallery.

And it’s certainly showing me a thing or two about what real inspiration is.

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