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1 Independent design consultancy Kapitza has created a pattern font named Geometric. The project explores a graphic design consisting of 100 fonts, forming an infinite number of patterns.

2 Factory Design has created Sportstada, a modular, portable sports arena for children. Factory director Adrian Berry says, ‘The idea is to encourage children to get involved in sport from a young age.’ The stadium is designed to accommodate football, netball, basketball and hockey.

3 Lethal has created the promotional campaign for A Taste of SXSW, a series of showcases held in conjunction with the London Calling rock music conference at Earls Court, London SW5 this week.

4 Newcastle-based design consultancy The Roundhouse has revamped the packaging for Penn State pretzels. 5 The Selfridges ‘wacky races’ store concept has given rise to Infini-Sceno-Matic. Design group Haberdashery was charged with creating installations for four windows in the Oxford Street, London W1 store. This 2m-wide mechanical device shows a view of the London skyline from a cockpit interior and will be displayed until the end of June.

6 Ted Baker is launching a new toiletries range for men and women called Bodywear, with packaging by Bulletproof Design. The men’s line Explore appears in green, the Navigator line in blue, while the Heavenly women’s range appears in pink.

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