The hardest briefs involve make-belief and rocket science

In response to your Voxpop regarding the biggest creative obstacle on a project (DW 12 June), I received a call from Will Whitehorn at the Virgin Group

a couple of years ago.

‘Hi, it’s me – we’re going to launch a rocket service. Can you help?’ Taking a deep breath I said ‘sure’, not really thinking about what he’d said.

Ten minutes later he was at the door. He promptly debriefed using his mobile phone to show how it would take off and land. ‘We’re showcasing the launch next week. OK?’ ‘Sure,’ I said. Then he left.

So how do you launch a rocket without a rocket? Create the vision and make people believe it’s going to happen. Then brief the team. Brand. Video. Post-produce. Broadcast. Stream. They’re off.

A year later Philippe Starck became creative director. Unfortunately, there’s no geting around him.

Darren Whittingham, Group executive creative director, Start Creative, London W1

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