Neuenschwander roots out new logo for Beet It organic juice

US calligrapher Brody Neuenschwander has created a new logo for organic beetroot juice Beet It.

Neuenschwander, a Texan living in Bruges, Belgium, was appointed directly in February 2008 by Lawrence Mallinson, managing director of Beet It brand owner James White, after criticising another JW brand identity.

Mallinson says, ‘I’ve known Brody for about 30 years. When he saw another brand design we had been working on with some computerised calligraphy in it, he was terribly rude about it. ‘So when we were creating the Beet It redesign, I challenged him to do better. I had a very clear idea of what I wanted, so I sent him a brief by fax at 6.30pm. By 9.40pm he had faxed me back with exactly what I had in mind.’

Neuenschwander says he experimented with a number of writing tools, including a quill ruling and a pen made from a Coca-Cola can, before settling on a brush.

He says, ‘The logo is a mix of lettering styles, which gives a playful, bouncy feel.

‘I had just come back from Japan, where you see brush-made logos for foods and restaurants all over the place. So there is a Japanese background to the design.’

Graphic design for the labels was carried out by Norfolk-based Run2 Design.

The redesigned Beet It, formerly known as James White Beetroot Juice, is going on shelves this week.

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