Marketers must respond to pull from consumers

If you don’t do on-line marketing – you don’t do marketing.

Buying patterns have changed. Today’s UK consumers are savvy, well researched and highly price sensitive. They use the Internet to compare and contrast products and prices.

Traditional ‘push’ marketing is being replaced as consumers become experts at ‘pull’. The Internet provides the perfect platform for tailored one-to-one marketing activity.

Unfortunately, the speed of this transformation has taken most marketers by surprise; a few banner ads and pop-ups will simply not do the job.

Organisations that fail to integrate on-line marketing into their mix will find themselves disenfranchised. In the Web-enabled world, getting the right message to the right person at the right time is critical, to meet consumer demands and ensure brand value is not eroded.

If you don’t understand on-line marketing you no longer understand marketing.

Justin Opie, Event director, Ad:tech London, London SW5

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