Sign update for Milton Keynes

Applied Information Group and Lacock Gullam have been appointed to develop a wayfinding and signage strategy for Central Milton Keynes, as the area embarks on extensive development.

The consultancies were awarded the collaborative contract by Milton Keynes Council and development group Milton Keynes Partnership, following a two-stage, six-way pitch.

The scheme will interlock with planned expansion in the area, taking place under the city’s CMK Development Framework.

‘Over the next ten to 15 years the buildings will become denser and rather than easily parking outside buildings, multi-storey car parks and public transport will be used more,’ explains AIG creative director Tim Fendley.

Walking and cycling are also expected to increase and the wayfinding strategy and sign design must be flexible enough to cater for these emerging needs. ‘An important element of the brief is that the system has to be able to evolve to [accommodate] future requirements,’ adds Fendley.

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