Londons first reproductive health and sexuality museum will open later this year in the Trocadero centre. Its name and overall design is being kept under wraps, although it will have an educational focus. Can a serious, educational museum sit comfortably

Nick Roope

Sex education: the most sensitive area of all in a context renowned for cheap waxworks, multiplexes and snogging tourists. Sounds like Carry On dissected and plasticised by Gunther von Hagens. Maybe Puppetry of the Penis can have a residency there; just think, The Rock Circus next door to the Cock Circus!

Nicolas Roope, Creative director, Poke

The museum could work in the Trocadero for three reasons: it would have a captured audience, it would stand out and, lastly, sexual themes run throughout popular culture, so why should it be hidden away? The heart and soul of London is the perfect place.

Allison Miguel, Creative director, Ziggurat

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