Best of the Web is an online shop set up by Jo Murray and Dominic Bell, selling new, found and original graphic products. This featured item ties in nicely with Garrick Webster’s piece on letterpress (DW 12 May). A set of luxury letterpress coasters by artist and designer Ryan Todd is this week’s must-buy. is a new online magazine dedicated to the world of typography, reviewing and discussing typefaces, icons and visual language. The site features contributions from designers around the world and aims to be a source of inspiration and stimulation for those in the international design community.
Pentagram partner Angus Hyland spends his life in the world of books, he says, ’either in their creation or distribution’. Hyland has contributed a list of his favourite books to blog Designers & Books. Among his picks are Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and The Story of O.
Last week, DW stumbled across, a design blog and studio run by Tina Roth Eisenberg. What caught our eye was its recent posting on Apple Cores (not the fruit). The Apple Core Cable Tamers is a clever little device that neatly wraps the wire round its core simple, effective and great product design.

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