The Brand Union and Lambie-Nairn are attempting to break the Guinness World Record by creating the world’s largest book. Which world record would you like to break?

So many records, so little time. Which to break? Something public-spirited, like longest distance streaked for charity. Or something slightly less so, like longest distance streaked for self-promotion. Perhaps something more industry-related, like most jargon spewed in a client meeting; biggest ego in the universe today; or simply most amends completed before losing mind. Maybe something a little more meta, like most world records held. The most likely answer seems to be most questions used in answering of a question.
Kyle van Blerk, Creative partner, Meteorite

I once ate a whole wheel of Brie, then went out to Tesco to buy another one, and ate that too, in the space of about 15 minutes. Given the chance of competing for the title of most Brie eaten in one sitting I’m sure I’d rock it, health implications aside. I feel that I should say something to do with drawing, but being the proud record holder of a cheese-related accolade is just way too tempting.
Lizzie Mary Cullen, Illustrator

The Guinness World Records don’t accept claims for elbow-licking, beauty or gluttony, so the team and I had a hard time thinking of anything that was worth doing. If pressed, I might be happy to own the record for fastest collection of late invoice payment through intimidation and blackmail, but I know Tom, our creative director, would be going for largest number of cells used in a spreadsheet to organise a wedding.
Odin Church, Creative director, Nation

Longest-lasting outdoor chocolate statue (must be composed of at least 45kg of chocolate and retain its form through the duration of the record time, as it cannot use any form of structural support). Then a nice, charitable event after the record win to auction it off in sections to chocolate lovers. Or maybe host a chocothon, where you could do a second record to consume the most chocolate in one piece. I think I need to get some lunch…
Steven Ramsey, Creative director, Baigent

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