What attracted you to working in the digital sector, and what route did you take into it?

As an advertising man seeing the birth of the Web in the mid-1990s, I had a gut feeling that this would change how brands connected with people. Moreover, there were no rules drawn up, no gurus, no wrongs, no rights – digital media was an opportunity to explore and learn. So I helped persuade BMP DDB to invest in a Web design business, Online Magic, which became Agency.com London, and the adventure started there. Fifteen years later, it still continues.
Ross Sleight, Strategy director, Virgin Games

I started as a product designer, and an understanding of how we interact with digital technology was always cental. We can do so much in the digital space, but only when we design well. Now I work across every digital platform you could imagine, but the essence of design – people first, insight, creativity, empathy and zooming from strategy to detail – is applicable to every situation, digital or other, that I find myself in.
Clive Grinyer, Director of customer experience, Cisco

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