Birmingham switches on to interactive TV

Two Way TV, a new service allowing viewers at home to participate in television programmes, will be launched in Birmingham next week.

The system gives viewers the chance to interact with quiz shows and sports programmes and offers support to other live and pre-recorded shows such as soap operas and discussion formats.

On-screen graphics were created by the in-house team of seven designers, headed by Matthew Timms.

Head of technology Dave Weston is leading Two Way TV’s design team to make the service compatible with digital TV.

A ten-page colour promotional leaflet for Two Way TV, designed by direct marketing agency Barraclough Hall Woolston Gray, will be sent out to 700 000 homes.

Design for the service’s high street promotions has been handled by sales promotion agency Curtis Hoy .

A little black box which sits on the TV set, enabling viewers to interact with programmes using a handset, was designed by Geoff Hollington at Hollington Associates. Glenn Tutssel of Tutssels created the company’s identity (DW 12 August 1994).

Founded in 1991, the service will be available from 23 October, supporting more than 50 episodes of 30 shows a week.

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