Cruising and sharking aboard the silver liner

Much yo-ho-ho-ing and a lot more than one bottle of rum was consumed at Landor Associates’ summer party, held so recently it was surely an Indian summer.

The party took place on board the Silver Barracuda, a 1920s-style Art Deco passenger liner on the Thames. Wining, dining, frenzied dancing and cruising then took place, according to a spokesman, though he refused to elaborate on the type of cruising.

The theme was nautical, and the party started at 10am when the Paris staff arrived by Eurostar. “We had 120 people, all from one design consultancy, not bad eh?” says the spokesman, adding that “it was a bloody freezing day to hang around outside. But we had a lot of rowdiness and a very nice meal”.

This photo was taken illegally from the boat’s sun-roof. Apparently, the captain almost had a fit when he saw the photographer on the roof.

And this was the tip of the iceberg – staff members are reputed to have amused themselves by inhaling gas from helium balloons then talking in squeaky voices.

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