Wanted: above the board anecdotes

Thank you to all of you who have given me their stories for my book on marketing design consultancy services. Our leading and most successful UK design consultancies have been universally generous with their time, experience, information and advice. I am very grateful.

The interesting and humorous anecdotes I have been sent following my last letter (DW 22 September) have shown me what an action-packed, adventurous and occasionally physically dangerous life UK designers lead. Unfortunately, most of the stories are not publishable, and some are slightly libellous. Does this say something about the design business, or simply something about the way I wrote the letter?

I would like some more short success stories. For example, the designer who, when stuck behind a lorry in an interminable traffic jam, was so appalled by the company’s identity that she was moved to contact the person responsible, who said: “You’re the third person who’s told me that this week; you’d better come and see me.” She got the job.

Or the credentials pitch done on the steps outside a museum, with crowds of Japanese tourists gathered around and taking photos – a new type of interactive art installation perhaps?

Or the design group which, on receiving a mailshot from me, phoned to say that it would like a discussion with me, not about how I might help it, but about how it might redesign my brochure. Who dares wins?

If anyone would still like to contribute, please phone me on 0181-944 0316 or write. Client anonymity is absolutely guaranteed; yours is optional.

Shan Preddy

87 High Street


London SW19

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