Prove designers are smarter than builders

Regarding the letter from Paul Barfoot (DW 6 October), the debate about free pitching will continue for a lot longer if people such as Mr Barfoot continue to confuse the issues concerning why consultancies produce creative work for nothing.

If a potential client suggests a free pitch, they are, in effect, admitting that they have no ability whatsoever to judge creative work, or the professional credentials of people providing it.

There are a number of reasons for a creative organisation producing creative work for nothing. First, the consultancy in question is lacking professional credentials. Second, the group could be in need of business and is desperate to keep up studio morale. Finally, the decision-makers working for the consultancy might lack personal integrity.

The last point is the most significant. The humblest jobbing builder would laugh at the suggestion that he knocks up a quick house extension for nothing.

If you think you’re smarter than a jobbing builder, why don’t you write back and explain why creative ideas are cheaper than house bricks.

John Cameron

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