19 October 2006

Prospect designs site for Silverjet

The soon-to-launch, low-fare, business-class air carrier Silverjet, which is due to start flying in January next year, has launched its on-line bookings site (www.flysilverjet.com) designed by Prospect Design. The carrier

Tayburn design Glenmorangie xmas pack

Glenmorangie this month launches a Christmas gift pack, with design by Tayburn. The design, featuring rich golds set against a light background, aims to depart from traditional whisky gift packaging


A noble canvas for micro art, or a humble indicia set for a hi-tech overhaul? The postage stamp is both, inspiring both trainspotter loyalty and commercial indifference. Jane Austin sticks

Enviga drink design unveiled

Nestlé and Coca-Cola have unveiled the design of the soon-to-be-launched Enviga drink this week. The calorie-burning beverage will be rolled out from the US, but its designer has not been

Design Reunited

Will Different by Design close when its funding runs out, or morph into a different sort of development project? Scott Billings asks the question. The power of design to revitalise

Media Sq shareholders rebuff bid

Media Square chief executive Jeremy Middleton says shareholders are sticking to its strategy, despite receiving an acquisition offer for about two-thirds of its businesses this week. In design, the group

Talk the talk for a Chinese walk

Word of mouth and brand heritage are more important than advertising in China. This is vital knowledge for designers eyeing the market, says Wing Hang Yip

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