A thorough read if you’re not distracted by Man-Yoo

I’d like to correct Peter Green on his letter (DW 12 September) showing his scant reading of my article on football club badges, Defensive Shield (DW 29 August). He suggests that I proposed two separate identities for Manchester United, instead of one, as though this was an idea for extra work for graphic designers. He needs to read the article more assiduously. I suggested the devil being used on its own, and a fuller, more elaborate crest with all its twiddles, not two identities. This idea is part of the practice of 500 years of heraldry. It’s a technique that works for everyone that uses heraldic-style badges: the city of Paris, the Queen, the President of the US, Porsche, even Philips, perhaps Green has never seen these? If Green thinks the current devil with melting legs (left) is well-drawn, I take my hat off to him. Quentin Newark Director Atelier Works London NW5

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