Corsie Naysmith releases HMV job

HMV is kicking Nipper the dog out of stores in a six-figure signage and graphics overhaul managed by Corsie Naysmith, intended to harmonise and clarify in-store communication.

An HMV spokesman denied the move marked the first step towards retiring the mascot, but insisted there was ‘no need to thrust it in the face of customers’.

Dubbed internally as Leave the Dog Outside, the project began in May and will launch at HMV’s five West End stores later this month. Work will be rolled out across HMV’s entire 150-strong estate and is expected to be complete by the end of December 2003.

The spokesman confirms the brief involves changing typography and colour schemes on everything from chart panels to CD section panels and removing Nipper from walls, tills, and information points. Fascias are not being updated at this stage.

Corsie Naysmith director Alex Keane says the in-store signage was ‘messy and confusing’ and in need of cohesion.

‘In-store signage is a mess. Stores are a cacophony of colours and messages that customers aren’t reading. The brief is to create a system that stands out and is clear,’ he says.

Departmental messages will sport black ‘Euro-style’ graphics against a silver background, service messages will be black on white, and chart listings canary yellow on black, Keane adds.

Nipper will make brief point-of-sale appearances during seasonal promotions and remain on corporate, marketing and advertising materials.

Corsie Naysmith was appointed by HMV in April following a year-long four-way pitch.

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