Somerfield hails Taxi Studio to bring in ‘aah’ factor

Somerfield is to launch revamped packaging for its range of own-brand baby products, with designs by Taxi Studio.

The refresh, which goes on shelf from next month, will initially be applied across six products and others in the range will be updated from next year.

According to Somerfield own-brand manager Danuta Tomoszek, the consultancy was briefed to deliver a softer, friendlier and more cheerful image to the products.

‘We’ve recently introduced new bottles, which are more rounded in shape and were looking for packaging that is cuter and more appealing to the market,’ she says.

Taxi Studio creative director Spencer Buck says the consultancy wanted to introduce an ‘aah factor’ to packaging.

The consultancy has introduced a baby character and chosen an ‘asexual’ purple as the key colour, he adds.

‘The baby character gets up to mischief across the range and can be extended to point-of-sale material,’ says Buck.

Taxi Studio was appointed to the work three months ago.

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