You to float Sea-designed marque

Executive recruitment start-up You launches a £20 000 corporate identity this week, created by Sea Design, aimed at distinguishing the company from ‘impersonal’ employment agencies.

The consultancy, which created the name and corporate marque, has also designed a website for the company, www.goodto, and is working on corporate brochures and marketing material, which will roll out over the next six months.

You director Jeromy Bird hopes the company’s name will help distance the organisation from me-too rivals, where corporate branding is usually based on the identity of founders.

‘The aim is to create an identity that is recognisable and trusted, but not cheesy. Being seen within the recruitment business as too contemporary or just another start-up counts against you. Using surnames says more about the agency’s founders than it does about the actual recruitment business,’ says Bird.

Black has been adopted as the corporate colour, a move the consultancy believes will reinforce the agency’s ‘warm and friendly’ typography, according to Sea Design director Bryan Edmondson.

‘The look is simple, personal and individual, but will not simply melt into the corporate visuals of every other recruitment agency,’ says Edmondson. ‘It should be recognised for its friendly service, not its corporate colour. ‘

You’s website will not enable clients to hunt for jobs on-line – a route taken by most agencies – as Edmondson views the Internet as cold and impersonal. The site’s use will be strictly limited to communicating the agency’s mission and history, he says.

Sea Design won the You account in June, following recommendation for its work with radio production company Wise Buddha.

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