‘What have you designed that has been seen by the widest audience?’

This week the Royal Mint unveiled an updated image of the Queen, which will soon grace all new UK coins going into circulation. We ask designers which of their creations has reached the most people.

James Greenfield, founder and creative director, Koto


“It’s always hard to truly know where our work ends up. Whether that’s a piece of print distributed into the world, a branded carrier bag or a YouTube video that gets played on laptops the world over. I’ve seen it end up at times in the weirdest and unexpected places. Videos made for Nokia remixed and played out of small screens in a foreign market advertising handsets for sale. A logo designed for a Nike project printed on a bootleg T-shirt on someone walking past me in the street. One of my designs ripped off and used to advertise football times at a pub in California. These are my three favourite examples of things designed, remixed and then seen by a much wider audience than ever intended. In recent times seeing the Airbnb logo remixed on Instagram has brought me the greatest pleasure – after all in that case it was intended.”


Adam Giles, director, Interabang


“The stamps we design for the Royal Mail have an obviously wide reach – certainly geographically – landing on doorsteps far and wide. And as a nation of tea-drinkers, the packaging we created for Brew Tea Co has reached a large and enthusiastic audience. Size isn’t everything though. The widest audience our work reaches in terms of diversity has to be through our work for Cardboard Citizens. Their productions are taken to hostels, corporations, prisons, streets or theatres: the audience may change but they come away with the same message.”

Simon Manchipp, founder, SomeOne


“Our work for The London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games was seen by millions of people. We still get the phone calls and emails to prove it! I particularly liked the lady in Essex who had made a series of cushions from the Sports Pictograms. We bought the entire set.”

Gareth Howat creative director, Hat-trick Design


“Most of our work is done for quite select audience groups, but we have done the odd high-profile job – probably the one that has been seen by the most people is the Williams Martini F1 team branding we did last year. Your question prompted me to look up the viewing figures and although they are apparently declining, it was still around 425 million people worldwide – which is all a bit scary now I come to think of it.”

Daniela Nunzi Mihranian, creative director, Studio Minerva


“I’ve been blessed to have worked on true household favourites found in everyones cupboard such as McVities and Heinz. But it’s the premium spirit brands that I have worked on that I get excited about, because they are in every corner of the world. From the Macallan, Laphroaig to Courvoisier and Jameson, they can be seen everywhere, from travel retail in Asia to the back of bars in the States. I get super-excited when I see them in films. The Macallan was in James Bond, JAMES BOND! Tom Cruise was drinking Laphroaig! We spent hours over that type! What makes me the happiest is that my kids get equally as excited. In the supermarket they have been known to straighten the spirit bottles I’ve designed to give them maximum stand-out and turn competitors around, to the dismay of other shoppers!”

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