Programme for a cleaner future

A web of projects and initiatives along the River Wandle is going under the name of the RENUE Millennium Initiative. The river flows from the North Downs through Carshalton and Croydon to the Thames.

The initiative is a response to the social and ecological challenges of the 21st century, combining sustainable technologies, the arts and education ‘in a vibrant demonstration of what city living could be like in the new millennium’, says a RENUE spokesman.

Projects along the river include the energy museum, with input from Richard Rogers Partnership and DCA-B, a solar-powered pub, and the delta-micro hydro which generates power to light a local school. The initiative culminates in the RENUE Resource Centre, which is based where the Wandle meets the Thames.

Design & Art in south London came to the organisation through its involvement with ‘eco arts group’ Platform, which helped establish RENUE. D&A has created the logo and has produced design concepts for marketing material to go out to potential funders.

‘The design brief for the RENUE identity was that it should represent renewable energy, “urbanness”, credibility, be stimulating and future-looking,’ says D&A partner Denise Turner.

The device ‘is an abstraction of a propeller, windmill or turbine,’ says consultancy creative director David Hockin, ‘The ripples below might be water or land.’

RENUE will get going once it secures Millennium Commission funding in April. The consultancy donated its design services to the charity.

Client: RENUE

Designer: Design & Art

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