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The Victoria & Albert Museum in London commissioned Garudio Studiage and others to create hats for its Easter Bonnet Parade, which took place last Friday as part of a series of events surrounding its exhibition Hats: An Anthology by Stephen Jones.

Blinking into a brighter world

The world’s a very strange place at the moment. As a consultancy we’re fortunate not to have suffered too much, but horror stories abound – and a frightening chat with a prospective client the other day has brought home to me how badly the recession’s beginning to bite in some places. A large, household-name company […]

Motorola’s vision for the future of communications

When Motorola asked its design studios to consider communications of the future, they imagined a world where ambient technology frees human interaction from hardware tyranny. We look at the resultsFuture gazing is something that the folks in the mobile phone industry are quite used to. In such a competitive, aggressive and fast-moving market, companies cannot […]

The craft skills of paper illustration are finding favour

The intricacy and artistry of paper illustration continues to appeal in the digital era, its suggestion of craft skills finding favour with private and commercial clients alike. Anna Richardson enjoys the stunning effects of the disciplineLast year, Phaidon’s Sonya Dyakova wooed the design industry with her paper alphabet cover design for Sculpture Today. The success […]

Profile: Ross Sleight

A pioneer of digital design, Ross Sleightenjoys being one step ahead of the game.The multi-tasker talks to Lynda Relph-Knight about the early days of no rules, making mistakesand why he still likes a good argument ‘He’s Gandalf,’ says Simon Waterfall of Poke. This is how the flamboyant former president of D&AD reverently introduces Ross Sleight. […]


A recent debate at the Royal Geographical Society saw the motion ‘Britain is indifferent to beauty’ defeated. What do you think is the most beautiful thing in Britain today, and why? To me, the most beautiful thing in Britain – if you can call it a ‘thing’ – is the diversity and multicultural richness of […]

Olympic selection process needs to be more than lucky dip

Last week, you asked the question, ‘With an Olympics body admitting to appointing designers at random, what can Olympics organisers do to improve their relationship with the design industry? (Voxpop, DW 26 March). I would say that selecting anything at random from quantitative data carries a degree of risk. If a surplus of consultancies are […]

Bedroom no good? Try doing it in the garden

I want to reply to Stephen Knowles’ letter in which he argues that the bedroom is no place for product development (DW 19 March). Knowles feels that this business model, mentioned by Jim Dawton (DW 26 February), is ‘at odds with reality’. It isn’t – it is reality. Controversially, Dawton also said, ‘UK consultancy is […]

A considered view of the potential for design in Cornwall

With regard to your story on Dott Cornwall (News, DW 19 February), we’re lucky to have offices in Cornwall and Bristol, so can view this issue from a local and a national level. Sadly, good design isn’t as obvious in Cornwall’s private and public sectors as in the rest of the UK. Maybe, being a […]

Inspired, David Bicknell: Echo Brand Design

In my youth I was entranced with W Heath Robinson’s fantastic gadgets – not only with the absurdity and complexity of his devices, but with the compelling nature of his illustrations which forced my mind to follow and delight in their workings. Powered by bald, bespectacled gentlemen, forces were ingeniously transmitted through complex pulley arrangements […]

Masters of the universe

Does the world really need more creatives? Adrian Shaughnessy weighs into the education debate by suggesting designers are well-equipped for any career The education of designers is a perennially hot topic. Among design’s chatterati it’s an issue that’s guaranteed to raise blood pressure as well as hackles. Two unlikely bedfellows have recently chucked petrol on […]

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