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The Victoria & Albert Museum in London commissioned Garudio Studiage and others to create hats for its Easter Bonnet Parade, which took place last Friday as part of a series

Blinking into a brighter world

The world’s a very strange place at the moment. As a consultancy we’re fortunate not to have suffered too much, but horror stories abound – and a frightening chat with

Profile: Ross Sleight

A pioneer of digital design, Ross Sleightenjoys being one step ahead of the game.The multi-tasker talks to Lynda Relph-Knight about the early days of no rules, making mistakesand why he


A recent debate at the Royal Geographical Society saw the motion ‘Britain is indifferent to beauty’ defeated. What do you think is the most beautiful thing in Britain today, and

Masters of the universe

Does the world really need more creatives? Adrian Shaughnessy weighs into the education debate by suggesting designers are well-equipped for any career The education of designers is a perennially hot

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