Bobbett has ‘more balls’ than most

David Lightman of Coley Porter Bell makes some disturbingly ill-informed comments about Bobbett Design (Letters, DW 19 July). Contrary to his belief, it is our company policy to seek a pitch fee from all new clients. However, we do not apply this rule to existing clients and have more balls than most in saying so.

We were, and still are, the incumbent design group at Club 18-30, working on a retained basis. The design proposals for the 2002 brochure were part of our continued development work on the account. The client did seek prospective proposals from other design consultancies, which is its prerogative and company policy.

Regarding the ‘use of the format that another competitor submitted’: indeed, one of the other contenders presented an interesting format, which Club 18-30 liked and we agreed would gel with our graphic concepts.

Club 18-30 did seek permission of the designers and paid in full for their input, which resulted in constructive collaboration and co-operation, and not a sacrifice of design integrity.

Nicolas Clark

Director, Bobbett Design

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