Nowicka Stern whips up Foam

Nowicka Stern has named and is creating the interiors for what is thought to be the UK’s first combined coffee shop and hairdressers, Foam.

Nowicka Stern won the work without a pitch, although Foam approached other consultancies, which it refuses to name. The name is designed to be ‘ambiguous’ says senior designer Ian Livingstone. It relates as much to the froth on coffee as to shampoo foam.

The interior is being based around a 14m-long bar that serves as a coffee bar at one end and a hairdressing unit at the other.

Livingstone says that the interior takes advantage of the people-watching element of both coffee bars and hairdressing. Glass partitions separate the activities, which is demanded by health and safety regulations. Foam opens in October in London’s Finchley.

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