A Take That connection

Now calendars of pop phenomenon Take That brighten up many a day and office wall of designers of both sexes and several sexual persuasions.

Nothing wrong with that. But one female in a position of some note at a consultancy of some stature may have taken her Take That obsession just a little too far.

Keen observers of popular culture (who watch crap telly and read the tabloids) will know that Take That’s Jason Orange has a brother who appeared on Our Cilla’s innuendo-laden Blind Date.

The News of the World, or some such organ, told how well the lucky girl and the Orange got on. He’s very good, allegedly.

Well, Jason has other brothers, including an almost identical twin. Our heroine (who takes to stealing glances at Take That pictures in her drawer at quiet moments in the working day) came across this brother at a club.

She struck up quite a rapport with the young man. There was enough of a rapport for her to be whisked back to the Orange mansion where she carefully examined items of interest. Gold discs, you dirty people.

Asked if, you know, she, erm, heh heh, well, they, sort of, actually, er, did it, the honourable darling simply said: “We played pool.”

Time to make excuses and leave, perhaps.

What? You want to know who she is? Couldn’t possibly tell. Coley Porter Bell would never speak to us again. Ooops.

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