Design for tourism piece states the obvious

Although Jeremy Hildreth makes valid points in his article regarding design in the tourism market, some of his assessments border on simplistic naivety (DW 26 January). For nearly ten years my consultancy has been working with global tourist boards and specialist tour operators.

Ultimately, the tour operator is in the business of creating or realising a dream for the traveller, with sensitivity, imagination and respect.

Hildreth says, ‘Even when (tourism) design exaggerates, it must reflect reality. It cannot lie outright.’ This is so blatantly obvious, I can hardly believe the point needs to be made. In our experience, what sits at the heart of great design for tourism is passion and truth: escapism and information.

Play with this fundamental tenet and you not only disrespect your client’s client (and the destination), but you can be sure of one thing: come the following season of brochure production, it won’t be your consultancy that is designing them.

Michael Hughes, Managing director, Wild Dog Design, Brighton BN1 1AL

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