I’m inspired by where I’m from, where I grew up and my family. This is coupled with the changing world and the effects of capitalism, globalisation, media unreality and culture.

My work is influenced by this mix of reality and surreality – a strange world of random connections or contradictions, a combination of the spectacle of modern life with psycho-geographic and reality effects. With the domination of global capitalism and reality as fiction.

I try to apply my inspiration to the unreal world of ideas, brands, communication, creativity and consumer culture.

I’m interested in the human condition. I have two children growing up in this world, so I try to be the change that I want to see in the world – more sustainable, more human, more ethical and just more nice.

I apply this to the creation of new types of cultural or progressive brands. Recently, I’ve been influenced by the impact of the emerging world societies, such as India and China. This has led me to use this subject and context for the creation and development of Camper’s new global advertising concept and campaign (pictured right), based on The Walking Society in Emerging Countries’ Cultural Exchange, featuring global diversity.

Shubhankar Ray


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