Is creative training limited to the colleges?

Reading your columns over the past months, I have been inspired by certain issues relating to the definition of creativity. I have worked as a designer for nine years after leaving school with no formal design qualifications, but have continued to strive for excellence in my creative field.

However, over the years I have met a number of designers from various backgrounds, some of whom say creativity is something which can only be taught and developed within the confines of the academic environment. I feel that creativity can not only be taught, but is a feeling from within that is charged by our everyday surroundings and environment. I continue to seek “creative excellence” through books, my environment and peers. What are DW readers’ opinions on the source of creativity?

I would also like their opinion on a slightly related matter. What is the general academic criteria required by design groups across the field, mainly graphic design. Do employers seek high academic qualifications or experience in the field? I would appreciate their views.

Richard Manu

London W7

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