A new leaf

Old master of graphic design Alan Fletcher has come up with a compelling take on the humble paper manufacturers’ sample book, says Mike Dempsey

Following on from the first book will be Typographic Folk Art, a collection of typographic collages created from the results of Fletcher’s many excursions delving into skips, gutters and doorways, rescuing choice morsels from discarded packaging. Alphabetic Excursions works on Paul Klee’s famous notion of ‘taking a line for a walk’, although Fletcher uses the more charming expression ‘meander’. The fourth to be published this year will be Facades, featuring a range of buildings executed in myriad pens and brushes on to equally varied surfaces, from paper napkins to blotting paper. Fletcher maintains that he can’t draw very well but this book puts paid to his modesty. Another quartet in this little acoustic outing will follow in 2006.

If you were forced to level that overly used showbizzy description ‘National Treasure’ I think we could safely apply it to Alan Fletcher for his astonishing output and contribution to graphic design. And there is no sign of him letting up. He is a designer at heart, and his heart is in the right place, always lifting our spirits with his wonderful wit in a troubled world.

Mike Dempsey is chairman and founding Partner of CDT Design

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