Bio-Synergy capitalises on GI diet trend with new product line

Bio-Synergy, one of the leading UK manufacturers specialising in producing sport and nutrition-led products, is poised to launch a raft of snack and drink products to tap into the current Glycaemic Index-diet craze.

The GI measures the affect of food on blood sugar levels.

Bio-Synergy expects to roll out a selection of low-GI fruit- based snack bars and drinks within the year. Bio-Synergy’s in-house design team, led by the company’s creative director, Daniel Herman, will create and develop the brand identity and packaging for the range of products.

The first item, Gi Sense, launches this month. It is a snack bar that will be sold in Tesco stores; Bio-Synergy is in discussion with other leading supermarket chains.

The packaging is ‘more lifestyle’ than previous Bio-Synergy products, says Herman. The company is considering licensing the name to non-competitive products.

A microsite, currently being designed in-house, and in-store promotional activity will support the launch. The bar will also be sold on-line.

‘The other products to launch will be less indulgent than the chocolate bars, but will still be suitable for snacking,’ adds Herman.

Bio-Synergy was formed eight years ago. It comprises weight management brands including:

• Beta Performance

• Essential Sports Fuel

• Creatine Boost

• Whey Better

• Perfect Balance

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