Avon appoints Holmes & Marchant to develop its brands internationally


Holmes & Marchant has been appointed to the design roster of global cosmetics brand Avon. The consultancy was appointed to the roster last month and will work across the company’s full range of brands.

Holmes & Marchant was selected because of its experience in the European health and beauty industry, working with brands such as Unilever’s Lux soap and Sanatogen vitamins.

Avon regional advertising and creative manager of European brand communications Sarah Garlick says, ’Avon is a brand that stretches right across Europe with a huge presence in Eastern Europe, as well as the UK, continental Europe and South Africa.

’Holmes & Marchant’s work in health and beauty across Europe means that they know the market fantastically well and we were confident in our decision that their work will be a real asset to Avon across the Continent.’

The consultancy will report directly to Garlick, who commissions and oversees the design of all products launched in Europe.

Initial projects that Holmes & Marchant will work on include packaging and branding for several fragrances, body sprays and the For Men range as well as a redesign of the whole Senses shower gel brand.

Holmes & Marchant new business director Maxine Bergman says, ’Avon’s fantastic heritage means it’s a brand that many people love, and have loved all their lives. We’re hugely excited to be playing a part in the development of such a great name.

’More than 80 per cent of our work now comes from outside the UK and our work with Avon means this number will continue to grow.’

Avon calling

  • Avon was established in the US more than 120 years ago by 28-year-old door-to-door bookseller David McConnell, who realised the perfumes he gave away with books were more popular than the novels themselves.
  • McConnell changed the name of the company from The California Perfume Company to Avon Products in 1939, following a trip to Stratford-upon-Avon.
  • The famous ’ding dong Avon calling’ advert was first heard in the UK in 1961, Avon was the first beauty brand to advertise on TV.

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