Dreaming of storytelling and feats of gluttony

Now, which world record would I like to hold? (Voxpop, DW 19 May)

Producing the world’s biggest book takes Marshall McLuhan’s phrase that ’the medium is the message’ to the extreme. But for me, it’s the message that counts, not the medium.

I don’t mean to judge a book by its cover (which I’m sure will be beautiful), but is therea beautiful story inside? Granted, ’biggest book ever’ is a story in itself, but does that story have legs?

The record I’d like to break is to write the shortest, fastest-spreading story ever told.

Ed Woodcock, Strategy director, Aesop

Hmm, to be known for in the Guinness Book of Records:

The first-ever hotel on the moon (still to be claimed)

The longest wakeboard session (6 hr 17 min)

The first ever totally recyclable and sustainable retail store design (still to be claimed)

The farthest golf shot ever (2.03 million km!)

The highest-ever increase in a client’s profit due to a redesign (still to be claimed)

No, got it!

The most ice-cream eaten in 30 seconds (382 g) Perfectly plausible.

Steve James-Royle, Creative director, The Yard Creative

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