Indaba’s new look from Family and Friends


Family and Friends has created the branding and visual identity for new London-based yoga studio Indaba, which means ’gathering’ in Zulu.

The consultancy was appointed in July 2010, following a recommendation by Indaba strategy brand planner, Hugh Bateman, who worked with Family and Friends on brand development. Family and Friends says it then put forward a proposal, but there was no formal pitch.

Derek Johnston, Family and Friends co-founder , says, ’We did a review of other yoga environments in the UK and the US and found the brand space. It’s a modern, accessible take on real yoga.’

He adds, ’They wanted Zen without looking too eastern it’s modern with a touch of ethnicity. The logo is based on the idea of the headstand pose, and represents poise and grace.’

Ellen Moorman, Indaba studio co-ordinator, says, ’We wanted something creative, innovative, and fresh, that’s not going to intimidate people.’

The project involved creating the positioning for the company, and full brand guidelines for the visual identity to be applied across collateral, signage, interior graphics and the website, which is being created by Applied Works. Architect Camillin Denny is designing the interiors with Family and Friends.

Family and Friends created two versions of the logo one in aubergine and red to be used for dynamic yoga classes, and green and sand for calm forms. The name Indaba was chosen to reflect the idea of people practicing yoga together. ’It’s about a collective spirit, rather than standing on a treadmill’, says Johnston.

He adds, ’The client’s brief was to make it comfortable and inclusive while not coming across as too heavily branded. It had to be bold, but calm.’

Indaba opens next week.

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