Robert Soar – Dragon Rouge

Robert Soar

I’m increasingly fascinated and inspired by collections. Not just any collection, but ones that are put together in a curated way. This added dimension is an insight into the creative mind of the curator. I collect, sometimes I display, mostly I just place the objects into a brown cardboard box and when full, start again. It’s my real and three-dimensional Tumblr.

It could be the single-minded act of finding one thing and collecting every version ever made. For me it’s the collecting of random images and objects. Some are seen everywhere, some for the first time. Look at the website ’But does it float’. It features curated images and narrative edited to surprise and inspire. It’s often amazing and definitely inspiring.

In the real world, the ’shop’ The Last Tuesday Society in Hackney has to be the perfect example of the curated collection. A vast collection of objects and images, put together so that it leaves you unsure of whether it is a museum or an art installation. For me it’s the latter. It’s a strange, eccentric and dream-like experience that demands you to look again. It leaves an imprint in your image memory bank.

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