T&Cake time for Build with its identity for café start-up

T Cake

Build has created the identity for new British modern café T&Cake, which opens this week in Huddersfield.

The consultancy was appointed two years ago when restaurateurs Stephen and Tracey Jackson approached Build, as they were fans of founder Michael Place’s work from when he had been at consultancy The Designers Republic.

Build was briefed to create a brand that reflected the quality of the food cooked by the café and to futureproof the brand for future use in the retail sector.

Build founder Nicola Place says, ’From the early stages we saw that the brand had huge potential, so we suggested reviving the name of the building, Almondbury Stores, as a sub-brand which could eventually become the retail arm of the business, but would also allow for future expansion into additional locations, for example, T&Cake at…’

The identity, which is made up of a bite mark and the café’s name, features a ’warm typeface that incorporates a smile, hopefully it makes people smile as well’, says Build creative director Michael Place.

He adds, ’The identity needed to be playful but nod to the old grocery culture of Britain.’

The colour palette is based on seasonality of the food used in the café, with a particularly ’cakey’ feel based on cherry and berry colours.

The website, which will launch with the opening of the café, uses photography by Stephen Jackson, which automatically changes every 12 seconds.

Place says, ’We had this great resource with Stephen’s photography which shows what the café’s all about.’

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