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Cor, those fellows at FontWorks have really lit the Fuse this time. Fuse 11 is ready, and waiting, and titled Pornography. Billed as `one of the most controversial editions of the interactive magazine’, Fuse 11 comes on disk with the usual Fuse goodies of posters and typefaces, plus, this time, animation from East End boys Fuel. Lucas De Groot contributes the mildly provocative Move Me MM face and a movie. The privacy and secrecy of pornography inspired Lucas to design Move Me Multiple Master so it cannot be fully printed: `You can play with it in the corner of your screen while no-one is looking, and you can hide it when your boss approaches.’ Makes a change from crosswords. Fuse 11 is available, price ú25, from FontWorks on 0171-490 5390. Not in front of the children.

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