Clinic brands European cinema chain UK arm

Clinic has created the new branding for Virgin Cinemas, following its purchase by UGC. It is the pan-European cinema chain’s first foray into the UK and there are plans to invest more than £50m over the next two years in eight new cinemas.

The first manifestation of the UGC Cinemas brand was unveiled yesterday in Northampton. Under the terms of the acquisition, the remaining 35 Virgin Cinemas will be rebranded by 1 May, at a cost of £5m.

The brand needs to generate recognition from a zero basis, easing cinema goers through the changes, says UGC Cinemas marketing manager Jonathan Kirkley.

He describes the image as modern and striking. “It is accessible and ‘in-your-face’ but not too detailed and intricate. We have created something which has generated a level of consistency with the existing cinema environment,” Kirkley adds.

The brand will appear as 9m signs on multiplexes, and in mono in the regional press, along with point-of-sale and packaging. Clinic also designed the on-screen identities and stings.

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