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Impressionist autumn. It, alone, is worth the £2.50 entrance fee. Sadly, World War is good for cartoonists; events give heft and humanity to drawings. David Low’s marching workers are full of graphic power – the sort that gets you on Hitler’s Death List. Contemporary cartoonists seem light in comparison, but, with time, we might seem less comic book. Upstairs is where you will find the real comics, spanning the twin peaks of nostalgia: The Beano and 2000AD. Plus pukka British superheroes from Lion, Tiger, Valiant, The Spider, Steel Claw, which are gloriously crusty, compared to their Yank Marvel counterparts. More fashionable is a page from Dave Lloyd’s graphic novel V for Vendetta. Now a movie, at a cinema near you soon – but see it after the collection.

The Cartoon Museum, 35 Little Russell Street, London WC1.

Tel: 0207 580 8155

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