Twelve Stars mines Spanish fuel market

Spain’s leading privately-owned petrochemical group Cepsa, which has a network of 2000 petrol stations, is launching a new identity system designed by London group Twelve Stars.

The existing identity was proving complex, with more than 25 colours in use in Cepsa’s 80 companies and 800 sub-brands. Twelve Stars president Nicolas De Santis says: “It was a typical case of corporate versus brand communication and at one point the company brand was being totally neglected.”

The pressures introduced by the supermarkets taking petrol retailing seriously, as in the UK, have underscored the need for a reappraisal. “All of a sudden the meaning of the brand and its values as a retailer become crucial,” says De Santis.

The new image rationalises colour and company, divisional and brand names. Twelve Stars also created an internal programme to communicate the new brand strategy to employees.

The consultancy is now developing corporate guidelines and implementing the new look throughout the organisation. Twelve Stars is also working on recommendations for development of Cepsa’s forecourt shops.

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