Ackermans rolls out new Landor look

Landor’s new identity and signage programme for South African retail chain Ackermans is to be rolled out across all 160 stores.

The identity is part of a 2.5m campaign to raise the profile of the chain, which is owned by Pepkor, one of South Africa’s largest retail groups.

The group designed an identity which it then implemented on to in-store graphics and promotions and point-of-sale systems.

“The shape of the new identity’s visual symbol, dubbed ‘The Weave’ for the multi-coloured, multi-cultural elements it incorporates, implies the fabrics-based nature of the store’s products,” says a Landor spokesman. “Customer research shows that the new look has considerably broadened the stores’ appeal to South African families of all cultural backgrounds.”

Landor is continuing to provide a consultancy service to Ackermans and is in talks to design new interiors for the chain.

“We’re also working on concepts for a store for the year 2005, giving the chain a vision for tomorrow and making sure it stays ahead of the game,” says Bruno Toulin, a Landor director.

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