Addison gives China Airlines floral look

China Airlines has a new floral corporate logo designed by Addison in Singapore to bridge the gap between old and new. It’s the airline’s first identity change for 35 years.

The airline selected Addison from a pitch list of about seven other consultancies.

Following two years of research the group targeted the qualities of Chinese character, modernity, professionalism, vitality and internationalism to feature in the identity.

“We chose the plum blossom because China Airlines’ old symbol contained a small plum blossom nestled within it, and the plum blossom has special significance with Chinese culture and tradition,” says an Addison spokeswoman.

The new look has been implemented on to aircraft, ground vehicles, tickets, boarding passes, luggage tags, inflight videos, signs and stationery.

Addison’s Singapore office was the subject of a management buyout last year and operates independently of Addison in London, with offices in Bangkok and Jakarta.

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