Could someone tell me what I graduated in?

In June of this year I graduated with an HND as a Technical Graphic Illustrator from the Glasgow College of Building and Printing. On leaving college I had no pre-conceived ideas that finding a job would be easy. However, no one I have spoken to can help me in my quest for a job.

Writing to manufacturers, publishers and design agencies has yielded nothing. People in the design world don’t seem to know what it is that I do, even after I have shown them my portfolio.

I cannot believe that there is no work anywhere in this country for technical graphic illustrators. Once or twice I have been given the odd scrap of information by designers, which has led me in the direction of going freelance. However, I don’t feel that I have the experience, connections or clients needed for me to contemplate this as a realistic option.

Could anyone shine some light on my dilemma and point me in the right direction of someone or some society that could aid me in my quest to find a career as a technical illustrator?

David Macdonald




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