New world records site may use UK designers

The owner of the Guinness World of Records Exhibition is planning a new 4m replacement exhibition following its decision to close the current museum at London’s Trocadero Centre.

Ripley Entertainment, which claims to be the world’s largest operator of museum attractions, says one Canadian and two US designers are already working on initial concepts. But the company “may be looking to involve UK designers”, says Paul Burns, Ripley’s director of exhibitions.

“It’s too early to comment on our exact requirements, but once we have the initial design concepts and a firm site [in London], we will be in a position to finalise what further input we will need,” adds Burns.

Ripley considered ideas from 15 consultancies in a preliminary paid pitch that included exhibition specialist Brennan & Whalley.

“The time is right to inject new capital and bring the exhibition into the 21st century,” says Burns. The new exhibition will include “high-tech interactive elements” and is due to open by the end of 1997. Initial plans will be announced in January.

The current exhibition will close to the public on Sunday, after 11 years in operation. All the exhibits will later be auctioned to the public.

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