Back to the future

Not again! Yet another designer romanticising about the good old days – how only the use of a sacred pencil will yield a ‘worthy’ idea, and how computers are killing creativity (Letters, DW 28 September).

The problem is not how to get people to use pencils, but how to ensure college-leavers can use the mouse as the perfect tool – like a pencil, pen, brush, modeller and time machine all in one (try ‘undo’ with your pencil).

If you can’t use an Apple Macintosh to think, then you’re not good enough on the machine. Put in some more flying hours and you’ll realise that your mind will be free to move around at just under the speed of light. And you won’t have to stop to look for a sharpener.

Kevin Shaw, Creative director, Stranger and Stranger, London W1F

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